Broken Windows and a Scarlet Pout

Photos by Josh Christopher

(Daftbird Crew Neck Tank, Vintage Levi shorts, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Nike Jordans)

Memorial Day usually means pool parties, massive amounts of beer, and girls in bikinis.. We opted for a more mellow alternative; cruising the vast area between LA and Vegas looking for abandoned buildings that needed their 15 seconds of fame. There are water parks and churches, stables and farms all left to the hands of mother nature, but this gas station had been calling our name since we first saw it around Thanksgiving. I threw on my Crew Neck Tank, the one that makes me feel like a modern day Hepburn, a little red lipstick and let the magic happen. (Any article of clothing that can make you feel like an old movie star is one you need to own... so I suggest getting this one.) With the sun and the wind just right, the empty bathrooms and graffiti looked more like a scene of a movie than a forgotten fuel station.