Hanging out by the state line, turning holy water into wine

 Photos by Josh Christopher

(Daftbird Open Side Maxi at Revolve in nude as seen here and other colors at ShopDaftbird, All Saints jacket, Daftbird Scarf, Dolce Vita boots)

There's no place like a city. The hustle and bustle, the sound of sirens, the graffiti, the taxis; New York City is a place all its own. While I love NYC, the winters aren't something we're used to here in California. But I've found keeping warm and looking cool in winter isn't as hard as it can seem. A maxi dress in cold weather is like a portable blanket, AKA genius.  This maxi in particular, with it's low cut arms and cute pocket detail, make it really easy to throw on a jacket to head out and even easier to take it off and still look awesome when a restaurant's heater allows it. Its silhouette reminds me of a Billy Idol muscle tee, which will make any of us feel awesome. You can wear it all day, on subways and in taxis and never once feel uncomfortable, I think that in itself is worth all the dollars in the world.