You creep up like the clouds and you set my soul at ease

Photos by Josh Christopher

(Daftbird Honey Dew maxi dress, Daftbird moto jacket, DV by Dolce Vita Sera boots, Bright Link watch)

After years of living in Los Angeles, mainly in Hollywood, I've never seen a place quite like Venice Beach. From the crazy street performers on the boardwalk, to the sausage stuffed waffles at Tasting Kitchen, it's definitely a place that steals your heart. Abbot Kinney has all the bests; the food, the people, the shopping... even the mustache drawn on the mural. Not only have I fallen in love with Venice, but I've also fallen in love with this new maxi dress.. it's cut to perfection and hangs so beautifully. It's flowy and in the best new color, Honey Dew's the new black. I guarantee it.