Now baby, don't you go away please don't spoil my lazy day

Photos by Josh Christopher

(Daftbird Long Tank in Black, J.Crew pants, Levi's button down, J.Crew flats)

Ever have those days when you just don't want to do anything? Where you just want to lay around, eat a pint of ice cream, watch Pretty in Pink and veg out.. But then the guilt of being a lazy bum kicks in and you get up to do a half assed work out so you can come home and maybe just eat half a pint of ice cream. Today was one of those days, except I'm making a whole pan of peanut butter cookies instead. It's a lazy day and as you know, I like effortless, easy, simple fashion. I like to throw something on and feel cute without having to take time to think "does this work?" Well all of this, works. The Daftbird Long Tank is practically three things in one; I can either simply throw on or tie it in a knot or if I'm feeling sexy, wear it as a comfy little mini dress. I love getting more than I paid for, and this friends, is three outfits for the price of one tank. Now I think I hear my cookies calling, but if I were you, I'd take the time now to run and grab this top.