Monday morning you look so fine. Friday I got travelin on my mind

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Photos by Josh Christopher

(Daftbird Longsleeve Dolman Tee, Daftbird leggings, Wildfox sunglasses, San Fransisco captain's hat)

Mondays. Monday, Monday, Monday... You will forever be the death of me. Lazy levels high, I barely made it into the gym today.. Somehow I made it to the Deli down the street for some Matzo Ball soup though. Thankfully, Daftbird is a line made for the lazy girl who wants to still be attractive at the local deli. This Daftbird Pocket Tee is tissue thin, soft as a rose petal, and perfect paired with any outfit. You can throw it on to go to the gym, pack a pair of jeans in your purse and be set for the day. It's more dreamy than A.C. Slater. Best shirt ever.