Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.

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low plunging #daftbird tank, leather biker jacket from #urbanoutfitters, high waist "jamie" jeans from Nordstrom, #ragandbone boots.
This casual look will have you feeling sexy and comfortable.  Tank top has buttery soft fabric that lays just right on the body. High waist stretch denim jeans with a body conscious fit all the way to the ankle- that casually meet these soft yet sturdy rag and bone wingtip boots all brought together with this leather biker from urban outfitters!
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You can always go naked!!  However, when you don't you can always put on daftbird... its like you aren't wearing anything! Read More

Mile high pastrami sandwiches, croissant-donut love children, smothered street dogs, and cosmopolitain martinis; the things that make up the mouth watering image of New York city. For me, the corner of Bowery and 3rd is the place that comes to mind when I dream of the Big Apple. Women and men, dressed in their New York bests, are always clinking wine glasses on the patio of Gemma. The sun always hits that street just right. Whether the icy chill of winter or the sweaty humidity of summer, the feeling I get walking on Bowery wins me over every time.

New York City is a place where creativity lives and imaginations thrive. It's a place that inspires the colorful person inside you to be revived, like a defibrillator for style. The graffiti, the saturated streets, the people hustling past, they give you a motivation that no other city can supply. A simple button down and some busy pants mix well with a classy pair of heels, pulling inspiration from all walks of life, much like NYC itself. 

As we inch closer and closer towards Halloween and Thanksgiving, I can't help but get excited for layering cozy pieces. This amazing ribbed sweater is not only the most comfortable sweater I've found, but with the angled hemline, it's a cut above the rest. Worn over a dress or with a pair of jeans, it's super sexy and flattering to any body. Like wearing your boyfriend's sweater, you'll definitely never want to take it off; rain or shine, hot or cold.. this new sweater will be the new favorite piece in your closet.

Once in a blue moon

August 28, 2013

Fall wouldn't be fall without the perfect pair of sweat pants. Luckily these perfect sweatpants are the kind you can wear outside without catching a raised eyebrow from people walking by, unless they're raising their eyebrow at how good your butt looks. Perfection meets perfection when you pair them with the coziest long sleeve ever. A simple outfit that can find its way from your couch to your favorite restaurant with no hassle, something you only find once in a blue moon.

When the leaves start changing colors, when the pool party invites start to disappear, and nothing sounds better than a blanket and a fireplace, that's when you know Fall is here. Fall is a time for rimming your eyes with kohl, it's a time when dark hair is cool, it's a time for long sleeves and maximum leg exposure. There's nothing sexier than showing the perfect amount of skin. This new Daftbird mini dress has sleeves long enough to keep you warm, but is short enough to be the sexiest thing in your closet. 

Soak Up The Sun Pt.2

August 16, 2013

Remember the days, way back when there was still film in cameras, when you had to wait hours or days to see the masterpiece in your hands? Thankfully, we don't have to waste time anymore, waiting to show you our goods. There are too many good things about a destroyed tee, sharky jewelry, sexy swimsuits and a salt water combination. So many good things, hear Chris Isaak's "Wicked Games" playing when we look at these gems. It makes us remember that there's a salty sex kitten hidden somewhere deep in all of us.
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